Ttherapies in preference to western medicine

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1000 words essay on Why have so many chosen such therapies in preference to western medicinewhat are the actual benefits and risks of alternative therapieshow can the industry be better regulated to ensure high standards of public health and safety. The reason why so many have chosen alternative therapies in preference to western medicine seems to be the hope and comfort which is offered by alternative medicine to individuals who have been alienate by traditional medicinal methods (Weil, 2006). The concept of alternative medicine has been present with using mainstream medicine for several years.Most Importantly, there is some body of scientific knowledge that accepts alternative treatments and shows how they can be effective in certain situations.The current problem with alternative medicine is the problem of judging effectiveness as well as its usefulness since we live in a world where mainstream medicine is taken as the tried and tested path while the foundations of alternative medicine may remain shaky. This is particularly true when it comes to researching the effects of a drug and evaluating the benefits of a given cure. Mainstream medicine seems to have a more stringent methodology than any form of complimentary and alternative (CAM) therapy.At the same time, there is evidence and even a body of scientific knowledge that suggests alternative treatments may be useful and that they may be effective in some situations. For example, Weil (2006) supports the use of CAM therapy even though he is more focused on using the mainstream of medicine as the primary form of treatment. His approach and outlook towards complimentary and alternative medicine focuses on the idea of well being, nutrition and exercise which are in essence the same recommendations as those made by traditional doctors. He calls this ‘integrative medicine’ which uses principles from both alternative medical practices and traditional medical practices.The benefits and risks of alternative medicine depend on the viewpoint taken by an individual and the manner in which the topic is studied. Hankey (2005) seems to have great respect for the benefits of one form of alternative medicine known as Ayurvedic medicine and

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