Turbulence in North America

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Turbulence in North America. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. They are caused by the intense movement of air masses in different directions and speed and are always not noticeable. They cannot be seen, and they usually affect the planes without the knowledge of the pilots. North America has experienced multiple airplanes crashes as a result of turbulence. This has been contributed by the movement of air in the Northern hemisphere.Northern America has experienced a series of air accidents that have been caused by aviation turbulence. A lot of people have been hurt in North America due to aviation turbulence during their flights. In January 2008, Air Canada A319 encountered moderate to severe turbulence that caused aviation turbulence in the plane. The turbulence was caused by another plane United Airlines 747 that was flying ahead of the Air Canada A319. The turbulence caused some injuries though no deaths took place.Moreover, Brannif Airways Flight 250 encountered extreme turbulence that caused its crash in Nebraska. In August 2009, a flight from Brazil to Texas met a mass of moving air that led to fatal injuries and hospitalization of seven passengers on board (McNamee, 2012). The essay below discusses aviation turbulence.Impact of Weather on the Aviation TurbulenceAviation turbulence refers to the changes in air velocity that occurs during a flight. The weather plays some critical roles in aviation turbulence. The temperature either increases or decreases the intensity of the aviation turbulence. The wind is the most common subset of weather that influences the power of the aviation turbulence. The movement and speed of the winds determine the size and force of the aviation turbulence. Planes are flying over areas with fast-moving currents, experience strong aviation turbulence compared to planes flying on slow-moving winds.According to Williams et al. (2013), planes usually experience turbulence when they come across vertical airflow. In case the vertical airflow has a larger or equal to horizontal length scale, the aircraft must experience the turbulence. The turbulence usually occurs in either clear air where the navigators cannot see or in clouds and thunderstorms. In clear air, wave breaking caused by the clear unstable air causes the aviation turbulence. On the other hand, the upward and downward draft of air may take place in clouds or thunderstorms, thus causing aviation turbulence.

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