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Argumentative essay on After reading a mini-case, and writing a summary with your opinion. Needs to be 2 pages. that Twitter was more compatible for their needs than Facebook, as Twitter was more mobile friendly and allowed them to create needed content immediately.JetBlue used Twitter to market new deals and sales without turning into spam or the usual “promotional lingo” (2). It created a separate Twitter account known as “JetBlue Cheaps” to cater to the different needs of their customers. This led to an exciting offer in JetBlue’s history in the summer of 2009 known “All You Can Jet” (3). This allowed customers to travel many routes under just one ticket. Twitter basically allowed them to market this offer for free. The AYCJ pass was sold out before the company’s expectations leading to millions of blog references, search engine hits, and increased traffic. Media channels, newspapers, and blogs also propelled this offer, further highlighting its publicity. The already booming loyal followers became ecstatic over this historical offer and shared it on their other social networks. JetBlue was able to get a hold of even more customers and satisfied followers. The offer allowed JetBlue to gain immense profits as well as more TrueBlue flyers, where its members soon hit the 8 million member mark.JetBlue also used Twitter in March of 2010 to give away 1,000 free roundtrip tickets because of its 10th anniversary (4). The company established itself further as a customer oriented service gaining even more positive publicity. JetBlue realized that its profits and public support were not solely the result of its few Twitter team members but instead due to “the crew members who are on the front lines all across the company” (4). Furthermore, JetBlue used Twitter to closely and carefully monitor customer complaints and concerns as they were occurring in real time. This way instead of targeting a problem or issue, no matter how big or small, a week down the road, they were able to handle it on the spot with satisfying results. For example, when the company

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