Tyler durden

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic tyler durden. His ability to recall murky information about his past experiences depicts the sharpness of his mind. The examples of his ingenuity are numerous, like for instance The Paper Street Soap Company. It was a project which he initiated, in which soaps were manufacture in a rather unusual way. The soap was made from human fat mixed with scents and herbs. The fat used was one discarded after the process of liposuction. The soap was a success and was sold at a ridiculous amount of profit. Another example of his knowledge was that he knew three different ways of making napalm. In novel describes it like this:The adventure seeking part of his personality was that it peaked to a point of no return. He would always seek out for a higher spiritual calling. His desire to seek such calling justified his quest for adventurism.He was of the view that only through toying with death, that is seeking adventurism one can have a spiritual recognition. The insane part of his personality can be seen in his indifference towards suffering.Tyler’s philosophy was that, only through destroying oneself can one discover the greater power of spirit. His charismatic personality led him to found the fight club, a large number of people started to follow him. His relationship bond was so deep that people followed him blindly. He created profound relationships and assigned each individual a specific job.He would emotionally break his followers to such a level, that they would not even consider themselves equal to dirt: “‘I am the all-singing, all dancing crap of this world, ‘the space monkey tells the mirror ‘I am the toxic waste by-product of God’s creation.’” (Palahniuk 167). His appetite for violence and destruction could be the theory that possibly Tyler’s lack of connection with God and religion could be due to lack of the male parental figure in his life. (Rothe-Koshel 8).

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