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Type of cultures

Essay on Type of cultures. Paper must be at least 250 words. Now I am more enabled as to how to make a difference between my personal self and the larger social self enveloping me (Rogers 236). The movies, videos and clips I watched indeed helped me define, consolidate and grasp the social ideas about which I was practically unaware of. In that sense this course turned out to be an utterly educative and mind broadening experience.Many of the insight facilitated by the class discussion did provide me with the sociological tools that I could readily resort to, to make sense of the sociological and cultural experiences surrounding me (Rogers 236). They have in a larger sense also helped shape as to what I intend to do with my life. An understanding of the varied types of cultures has indeed motivated me to spend some time travelling around the world to study and understand as to how societies construct, categorize and shape the varied cultures populating them. Moreover, it was the benign space and environment provided by the class room discussions that helped me fill in the blanks left vacant by my a purely theoretical understanding of varied types of cultures. They made way for a practical grasp over the course material.The videos helped my understand the varied topics like high culture, popular culture and sub-cultures, which I earlier knew about, but was not able to make a systematic and organized sense of. I am indeed hooked to

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