Type of project

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Each and every sub heading must be addressed clearly Introduction Introductory paragraph or sentence that describes the type of project and summarizes the project goals. This should be no more than two or three sentences. Problem description Describe the problem that is being explored or solved. If the project is related to your work (past or present), describe the client organization. You may disguise the name of the organization and other details if confidentiality is an issue. This is an overview of the project context; remember that detailed descriptions and requirements will be provided in later components. Current situation Describe the current system for an implementation or combination project. For a research project, state the research question (or questions) and briefly describe the success criteria you will use. Research results – for a research or combination project Summarize your preliminary research results Describe other research you will do. Describe the analysis methods or techniques you will use. Proposed solution – for an implementation or combination project Describe the system you are building. Identify the scope of the project – what is included and what is not included. Scope diagram Remember that research or project progress may require modifications to the scope. Benefits If the project is related to work or a company, describe the benefits to the company. If the project is a personal project, describe the benefits to your career. Risks Identify risks, or impediments to your successful completion of the project and project report. These are the risks related to not completing the course project within the 11 weeks of the course; the risks are not related to completing the project you are proposing. For each risk, discuss how you will mitigate, eliminate, or otherwise handle it. List no more than 3 to 5 risks to the project. Project Plan This is the preliminary plan of what you want to accomplish each week. References Include at least three scholarly references you have identified so far. Research question You will be preparing three separate drafts of your capstone project report during the course of this term. Each one builds upon the previous drafts. Clearly defining your research questions and/or implementation objectives is critical to focusing progress on the drafts. This discussion board focuses on those research questions/implementation objectives that you will include in your Draft 1 document that is due in week 05.Identify each research question(s) and/or implementation objective(s) you plan on using for your capstone project. Describe, in general terms, how you plan on answering each question or achieving each objective. What questions do you have about preparing and addressing your research question(s) and/or implementation objective(s)?

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