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MCO 418 -Ch 10, 11 and 12 Study QuestionsCh 10 Study Questions(Reform is My Religion)1. The U.S. ethnic immigrantpress peaked in what year and with a total of how manydifferent foreign language papers? 2. What U.S. Constitution amendment gave all males the right to vote (and when), and and which amendment gave females the right to vote (and when)?3. Besides the mainstream Chicago papers, what were some of the numerous German language newspapers, specialized magazines,and labor newspapers that circulated in early 1900s Chicago?4. Between 1820 and 1900, Chicago socialists and anarchists issued how manynewspapers and in what eight different languages?5. Who launched the Boston Guardianand the Crisismagazine (and when), and what did they advocate in comparison to the views of Booker T. Washington?6. How was the Black press of the first half of the 20thcentury characterized?7. When was the first wave of feminism and how did its mission and activism compare to the role of thesecond wave of feminism?8. What was the name of the radical feminist newspaper Victoria Woodhull and her sister Tennessee Caflin from 1870 to 1876 published, and what was it designed to do?9. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton,Lucy Stone and Margaret Sanger were affiliated with what newspapers and what did these suffragettes advocate?10. What suffragist newspaper’s motto was “Men, Their Rights and Nothing More; Women, their RightsandNothing Less.”Ch 11 Study Questions(Progressivism and World War I)1. What years are considered the muckraking journalism era and how was it characterized? 2. What’s the origins of the term “muckracking” and what were some of the most notable muckraker magazines?3. Concerned about the U.S. distribution of wealth, muckraking reform noted that while there were only 3 millionaires in 1860 (just before the Civil War), there werehow many by 1900?  4. From 1902 to WWI, what are examples of reform issues muckraking journalism introduced into mainstream American society.5. What magazines did Ray Stannard Baker, Ida Tarbell and Lincoln Steffens write for andwhat was the focus their most notable exposes?6.  Who was Samuel McClure, what was his legacy and in In January 1903 what article did each muckraker of “the trio” contribute to his McClure’s magazine? 7. Although radio technology was available before WWI, why did radio broadcasting to theAmerican public not materialize until after the war? 8. When did muckraking decline, and why?9. By the end of WWI, how had U.S. newspaper advertising and circulation changed?10. The number of U.S. newspapers increased until 1909 when they peaked at how many? 11. Discuss the establishment and role of the U.S. Committee on Public Information.12. What kinds of censorship and constraints did the U.S. press experience during WWI?Ch 12 Study Questions(Media and Consumer Culture)1. The first U.S. radio station went on air where and with coverage of what presidential race?2. By the end of the 1920s there were how many U.S. radio stations and in what percent of the nation’s households?3. Who was Lee DeForest, who did he work for, and what was his radio legacy? 4. When the U.S. government created the Radio Act of 1927 to regulate radio, it stated that the airwaves belonged to whom and why?5. Discuss the debut, ownership and characteristics of U.S. newsreels, andhow they impacted American journalism.When did the “March of Time” newsreel launch andwhy is it notable?6. Discuss the rise of radio and advantages of radio news broadcasts over newspaper coverage?7. By the mid 1920s, there were how many theatres in the nation, making how muchmoney, and producing what percent of world’s movies?8. In what ways did “vertical integration” allow studio control from the top down in the1920s movie industry?9. When was the Audit Bureau of Circulations established, what was its role and why is it important?10. Who are considered the founders of the public relations profession and what were their major contributions?

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