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UK employment law & Role of the State

Essay on UK employment law & Role of the State. Paper must be at least 750 words. sees the taxation of all items under consideration and makes sure that proper tax system and administration are in place: it is also obligated to provide enough social security to all its citizens, create and maintain public utilities, offer timely trainings on its agenda and offer job creation schemes among others. As a legislator, it endeavours to see that individuals are well justified in case proceedings and other disputes related matters, including the regulation of employment issues and trade unions (Guest 1995. p. 23).As an employer is involved in ensuring the public sector are payed with their dues and including their expenses. Also, it privatizes and nationalizes its public and private firms and by managing their ideology in employment relations. Lastly, an arbitrator in employment cases and tribunals, it forms commissions for official inquiries on special and needy and sensitive matters of the country which in turn become watchdog agencies against misappropriations of employment relations between itself and its citizens. It also puts special tribunal courts for such proceedings and hearings.The emphasis by the state of regulations is reflected by the decline of trade unions influences and its bargaining power, particularly, in the private sector. It is also shown in the increase in direct communications with its employees in its various agencies as part of Human Resources Management strategies (Storey, n.d).The following entails the Human Resource Management strategies employed by the state in various functions of employment relations. The state is being a pluralist, a unitary and global. It also enhances and employs Liberal Individualism, Liberal Collectivism and Bargained Corporatism in its human resource activities.The state emphasises the tripartite and collective nature of industrial relations (IR) as practiced in the UK until 1979. This strategy was derived by Fox (1966). This policy recognizes that employers and employees can have

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