Understanding Family Needs,

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Case studies provide the opportunity to analyze problems and demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in our readings. This project is a collaborative, active learning activity. As you answer and discuss the case, remember to consider a variety of solutions and propose them. Remember, there is typically more than one way to solve a problem. Use your text or other credible, academic resource to support your thoughtful discussion of this case.Case Study Discussion: This week’s project is based on the material in Chapter 9, Understanding Family Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities. Read the case study titled “Mrs. C” and answer the following questions in your initial post. CPart II: Read the case titled “Mrs. C”   and answer the following questions:•    What burdens will this place of her husband?•    On her daughter who lives nearby?•    On her daughter who lives far away?•    How might this affect the relationship between them?•    What services might be needed to enable Mrs. C. to remain in her own home? •    What if the daughters want to put Mrs. C. in a skilled nursing facility but the husband wants to keep her at home?           o    What criteria do you think should be considered when making this decision?•    Imagine that this is your grandparent.         o    How would it affect your family?         o    How would your family respond?

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