Understanding Religious Diversity

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Understanding Religious Diversity. Considering a person as even a part of Allah’s qualities for worship is forbidden. Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.A.W) is a man and last prophet of the only god Allah. In Christian religion there are mainly three figure possessing divine powers as god has. Holy mother referred as Maryam (A.S) in Islam, Jesus the son of god is referred as messenger like Muhammad (S.A.A.W) and a simple human being with a blessed soul given by Allah. third figure is god itself. Synonym to god in Islam is Allah.

There are only two physical worships or you can say rituals mainly performed by every Muslim all over the world. One is praying to Allah in the same way as Messenger of Allah (S.A.A.W) did. Other is fasting. Fasting is not a unique phenomenon as Jews and Christians are also familiar to fasting. I perform both worships as it is obligatory for every Muslim to perform them.

Another ritual called Jihad has two types. one the fight of man within itself against personal fears and evil deeds. Other one is Jihad with sword or weapon. Jihad of person with itself is given more importance than others. Jihad with sword is only an obligation to Muslims when they are attacked by foreign power or fight with them on the basis of religion. Also it is only allowed when given permission by ruler of Muslim country or permission from wife and mother. Terrorists that are propagated as Islamic fighters over the media are not Muslims.

The oneness of god and limited obligations to man makes in my opinion more satisfied and brave in character. also Islam provides guidance in every aspect of life from personal to society figure of it. Modern phenomenon as organizational behaviors, business ethics, family and child care and war ethics that are introduced into modern world were taught by Islam 1400 years ago. These are enough proofs to believe in truthfulness of Islam and are the main motivation….

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