Understanding Sense of Belongingness

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Understanding Sense of Belongingness. It needs to be at least 750 words.Using this article, I will be discussing the author’s structure of the source and his project as well as the contents of the article regarding belongingness.Firstly, the author tries to make a relationship with his readers through his writing approach. Strayhorn sounds professional which he maintains throughout the article but he also made his tone very personal so as to communicate well with his readers. This is reflected not only with the choice of the words used but also in the manner the statements are crafted. For instance, the writer refers to studies of various researchers such as Baumeister and Leary. This shows how objective the writer is regarding his topic. However, there are also times when the author refers to his own research that he uses the personal pronoun “I” as he tries to relate with his audience but he still maintains a serious tone. To make his discussion more interesting, Strayhorn presents his argument in an organized manner, letting the readers well-guided as they continue with their reading.Strayhorn’s project aims at using the present literature to explain “sense of belonging”. This means that the author uses earlier published studies as references in attempting to explain what the topic really means. From this foundation, the writer wants to show the importance of the topic, approaching it with the use of examples and referencing other studies. Lastly, he intends to go over the implication of the study, especially in education. Therefore, this study is focused more on the students and how they are able to relate to their environment.As promised, the author first defines the term “sense of belongingness”. For example, he quotes Anant’s definition saying, “Sense of belonging characterizes a person’s perceived belief of indispensability within a system”.

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