Understnading employee engagement

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Write an essay on Understnading Employee Engagement in the International NGOs: A study on how International NGOs working in Africa engage, attract and retains staff (workers) and volunteers. It needs to be at least 3250 words.As such, workers are motivated more by their love and dedication to the mission of the organization and the cause for which it stands.Because of this fundamental difference, workers in NGOs cannot be persuaded to remain with the organization and contribute their best by the usual means of increasing pay and monetary incentives. Although employees are drawn to the job because of the psychic income, such may not be sufficient to sustain the commitment of these volunteers in the long term, without the necessary and appropriate support and action by the human resources manager. The threats posed by the social and physical environment on the continued commitment of an NGO’s staff will remain a source of challenge to its HR managers, which this dissertation shall aim to explore.Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are indispensable agents in spearheading the economic advancement of developing nations (Nikkah & Redzuan, 2010). While governments are held primarily responsible for spurring development, seldom do governments have the resources, manpower and expertise necessary to carry out socio-economic programs at the grassroots level. Effective implementation requires partnership with a private counterpart that links efforts between communities and the bureaucracy (UNICEF, 2010). This role is undertaken by the various NGOs which specialize in particular issues for which they are particularly equipped in resources and know-how (Ulleberg, 2009).The African states are those developing countries which tend to benefit most from the activities and programs of NGOs. Studies have shown that the long-term commitment of NGOs in this region is critical to the social and economic progress of the peoples living there (Abdel-Kader & Billy, n,d. Vale, 2010). It is therefore imperative to determine whether the long-term capacity of NGOs to retain skilled and experienced staff are concerned, is

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