Unit 3 activity

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Essay on UNIT 3 ACTIVITY. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Of most significance is my desire to be able to contribute positively to the lives of people I meet. To do this, I consider a rational and consistent approach to be essential. Emotionally I strive to keep up a continued positive and compassionate attitude, so that the people I encounter can accept me as someone who does not influence them negatively.Instead, I would prefer to be understood as a person who is able to help by accepting and listening to others without preconceptions or prejudices, or even my own emotional state influencing my interactions. While I do understand that this approach is important in the practice of psychology, it is also clear that this helps in all my interactions with people: professional, in the academic context, and personally within my family and friendship circle.The most important relationships in my life are with my close family members. To ensure that these relationships grow is an ongoing goal. I believe that these relationships contribute to success in everything I do. They certainly help me to maintain a balanced, rational, and consistent approach in my life. The honestly expressed opinions of those close to me help me to make difficult decisions with the security that I am advised by people who care for me. Further, I want to focus on becoming someone my family can look to when their decisions are difficult. We should be able to offer reciprocal and non-judgmental support to one another in all situations, so that we are all able to succeed personally and professionally. I believe that this kind of support “at home” will help anyone to succeed in their lives.In order to satisfy my academic needs, I aim to achieve a doctoral degree. I enjoy academic study so continuing to pursue new knowledge and skills contributes to my personal well-being. To achieve well within an academic sphere also allows me to build and maintain a good self-image – I feel that I am working hard to meet my potential, while moving closer

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