US foreign policy

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Critically assess how 9/11 changed us foreign policy in relation to one of the following regions: middle east european union or The recent warm Indo-US relations didn’t establish overnight. There are three major developments which took place in last 15 to 20 years that forced both the countries to come close to each other for their national interests. The foremost development was the end of Cold War era which remained focal point of US foreign relations. India had nonalignment policy during that period. Therefore, end of Cold War created a room for both countries to change their foreign policy in terms of new scenario. Second, India set up excellent financial reforms at the start of 90s. It was the first time when Indian government opened its borders for international trade. Huge population of India was a huge market for US multinational private sector companies. Lastly, the world has seen a tectonic shift at the start of 21st century, and of course India has come as one of the emerging countries. (America’s Strategic Opportunity with India: The New U.S.-India Partnership Author(s): R. Nicholas Burns). The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 offered New Delhi a golden opportunity to deepen its security links with Washington. New Delhi promptly endorsed President Bush’s declaration of “war on terrorism” and promised full cooperation.

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