Use of Cocaine and how it affects our society

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: The use of Cocaine and how it affects our society.Inside the brain, it makes highly addictive and an intense form of euphoria that only lasts for hardly any instants. After only some seconds when this euphoria swiftly wears off, the individual experiences depression and the craving for more crack is intensified (GEO, 1991).The distribution of cocaine was started in the United StatesÂ’ major cities from the time period of 1984. In the early years the cocaine was shipped to the USA through Miami from the coast of Dominican Republic and Bahamas. As the supplying quantity of the product increased on the islands, its rate started decreasing at the same time. After looking at the decreasing rate the dealers started making the product in solid form. Its benefit was it could be sold in small quantity to more number of people and it was ready to use (GEO, 1991).In the early years the ratio of purity in the cocaine was as high as 55% per gram in the major cities of USA including Detroit. Since the cocaine was of high purity and it had a very cheap price, it resulted in the addiction of people in a very short time. The first large scale use of crack began in Los Angeles in 1984 and within few years it had its availability in 28 states of USA, in which Detroit was also included (GEO, 1991).The effects of cocaine can be for individual as well as for the society. If the individual is effecting by the abuse of cocaine, this can in turn produce devastating effect on the society at the same time. An effected individual can affect the family, and the community, and thus the whole world is affected by the use of cocaine. The problems can include struggles with work, crime, law enforcement, financial problems, as well as a break down in the communities as well. The use of cocaine not only affects the users but also affects their families. The family suffers along with the drug addict through their ups and downs. This could be very critical for those who care

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