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Valuable lessons learned from business ethics

Write 1 page essay on the topic Most valuable lessons learned from this Business Ethics course.A very interesting finding that I learned after completing the course is that the ethical conduct of workers varies depending on the culture. In many Asian countries such as India and China bribers are visualized as part of doing business. In contrast U.S. businesspeople perceive bribes as an unethical act that must be avoided at all cost. The concept of social corporate responsibility has raised the ethical standards of business communities across the world. Acting in an ethical manner can help improve the corporate image of a company. In contrast unethical behavior can destroy the reputation of a firm. During the late 1990’s Nike Corporation was involved in a sweatshop scandal that hurt the company so much that in its aftermath the company lost half its annual sales. One of the greatest lessons that I learned from the course is that my professional future and potential opportunities in business can be enhanced by becoming an ethically responsible

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