Value of Feminist Approach

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Write 9 pages with APA style on The Value of Feminist Approach in Challenging our Assumptions about Cinema History. The choice of a woman as the main opposition force to the evil, moreover evil which is non-humane but paranormal, has made the film non-typical and even feminist to some extent. A woman who is often depicted in the movies as “non-man” which means the image devoid of masculine qualities such as bravery, aggression and steadiness in Murnau`s Nosferatu still demonstrates exceptional power and the ability to sacrifice herself for the others. But this power is typically feminine: beauty, wisdom, and the ability to sacrifice. With these qualities and certain wisdom, Ellen destroys the indestructible immortal vampires and destroys herself as well. Therefore, Mugnai’s portray of a woman is not typical and revolutionary for the history of cinema. Brave experiment with a classic gothic novel results in a deep exploration of the mystic power of a woman which predicted the wave of feminism in Western culture.Feminism is a social movement that has an exclusive influence on the development of art and cinema in particular. It is possible to interpret movies as major sources of myths regarding women and gender roles in society in general. Cinema has been shaping people`s perception of femininity and masculinity since its origination (Read, 56). However, taking into account the assumption that gender is not inborn but is imposed by society as a number of behavioral patterns, it is possible to notice that femininity was always a bit deviated in cinema. The feminist movement caused various changes in Western society, including a right vote for women in elections. the right to submit the application for divorce. the rights for possession of property. the right of women for control over her own body, and the right to solve, what medical intervention is admissible, including a choice of contraception and abortions. Such changes were directly influenced by literature and cinema depictions of gender roles in society (Read, 18).Hollywood was the first target of feministic criticism because early movies depicted women with the help of fixed and stereotypical images which were far from positive. Later the depiction of women became more versatile and capturing, and European cinema, Murau`s expressionism in particular played an important in it.

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