Variables to functions

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You may pass variables to functions either by address or by value.  If you pass a variable by address, then both functions will see the changed value of the variable (if the value changes).  If you pass a variable by value, you’re really passing a copy of the variable, and the calling function will not see the changed value of the variable (if the called function changes its value).Of note in this example:We pass a variable by prepending the variable name with an ampersand (&).The receiving function (in this case, do_fun()), prepends the variable name with an asterisk (*). This tells the receiving function that it’s receiving the variable’s address, not a copy of the variable.  Notice that the new value of the variable amt is visible in the do_fun() function and in main().Here is the code:And here is the output:Now, you enter the code, and run it.  (No Flowchart this time).Upload your .c file and a screen shot of your code output saved in a Word document including the path name directory at the top of the screen into the dropbox for grading.

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