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Various marketing strategies

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Various marketing strategies. This process starts with a Futuristic Environmental Scan and defines the ideal vision in terms of mission, values and end outcomes that the organization wishes to set for itself. Only after the statement of such Ideal Future a Current State assessment based on SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) is taken up to identify the gaps and make marketing strategies to close the gap(s).As a result of subscriber clients adopting this model it was found that clients began developing competitive edge and the organization was much clearer on what their competitive “positioning” in market place was and found themselves moving positively in that direction, to the delight of their customers(Haines,2004).Thus this process leans directly into the process of competitive marketing strategy making as it includes environmental scan both-present and future and enables movement in the desired direction. Types of Competitive Marketing Strategies The generic competitive marketing strategies and their standard objectives have abounded in literature and often include the following:(a) Overall Low-Cost Leadership Marketing Strategy: Its primary object is to find a sustainable cost advantage over rivals, using lower-cost edge as a basis either to under-price rivals and reap market share gains or earn higher profit margin by selling at going price.(b) Broad Differentiation Marketing Strategy: Its primary objective is to incorporate differentiating features that cause buyers to prefer firm’s product or service over rival brands.

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