Vendor analysis

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Vendor Analysis. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Case study Exercise SUPPLIER A SUPPLIER B category weight sub-weight score weighted scorescoreweighted scoreQUALITY 0.2ppm defects0.0744*0.07= 0.2850.35SPC0.0840.3250.4TQM system0.0540.250.25COST STRUCTURE 0.150Cost reductions0.150.530.3cost relative to industry0.0540.230.15MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY 0.10labour relations0.0530.1540.2confidence in management0.0540.230.15FINANCIAL VIABILITY 0.10liquidity ratio0.0530.1540.2inventory turnover rate0.0540.230.15debt to equity ratio0.0540.230.15DELIVERY0.150on time0.150.540.4lead time0.0540.250.250.0550.2530.15TECHNOLOGICAL CAPABILITY 0.20innovative products0.0540.230.15research and development (R&D)0.0540.230.15GENERAL 0.10Problem Solving Ability0.0530.1550.25Corrective response 0.0540.240.2TOTAL 14.13.85From the above table, the recommended supplier is supplier A with a score of 4.1 which is more that supplier B’s, 3.85Exercise 2SUPPLIER ASUPPLIER Bcategory weightsub-weightscoreweighted scorescoreweighted score0.2ppm defects0.1550.7540.6TQM system0.0540.240.20.2Cost reductions0.130.340.4cost relative to industry0.140.450.50.1liquidity ratio0.0550.2540.2debt to equity ratio0.0540.230.150.3on time0.25140.8lead time0.140.450.50.2labour relations0.130.340.4confidence in management0.140.430.3TOTAL 13.53.35The supplier I recommend is supplier A with weighted score of 3.5Exercise 3Supplier performance criteriaScaleDefinition 5All shipments received in excellent conditions 4Up to and including 5% of shipments received have damaged pallets or cartons3&gt.5% to 10% of shipments have damaged pallets or cartons2&gt.10% to 20% of shipments have damaged pallets or cartons1&gt.20% of shipments have damaged pallets or cartonsQuality Performance Criteria ScaleDefinition 5All shipments have &lt. or =1,000 ppm defects 4shipments have &gt. or = 1,000 ppm defects3shipments have &gt. or =10,000 ppm defects2shipments have &gt. or =15,000 ppm defects1shipments have &gt. or =20,000 ppm defectsDrop box Assignment #3 Vendor AnalysisTonga IncMestro IncPremier Artscategory weightscoreweighted scorescoreweighted scoreDelivery 0.431.241.641.6Order cycle time0.320.610.341.2Price0.25140.830.6Quality0.120.230.340.4TOTAL 333.8From this, I recommend Premier Arts as the best supplier because of the highest weighted score. Rating usedDelivery performance of suppliersScaleDefinition 5100% on time 4&gt.95% but 90% but 85% but less than 90% on time11 week but less than 2 weeks cycle time2&gt.2weeks but less than 3 weeks1&gt.and equal to 3 weeksSupplier performance on price ScaleDefinition 5Price equal to or more than $130 4Price &gt. but equal to $1403Price &gt. but equal $1502Price &gt. but equal to $1601Price &gt. $170Quality performance of suppliers ScaleDefinition 5All shipments have &lt. 1,000 ppm defects 4shipments have &gt. or = 1,000 ppm defects3shipments have &gt. or =10,000 ppm defects2shipments have &gt. or =15,000 ppm defects1shipments have &gt. or =20,000 ppm defectsQuestion 6Two other ways of classifying supplier’s performance include: evaluating capability and evaluating past performance. Evaluating capability involves looking at the staffing structure of the supplier to ensure that they have high chance of being competent in their delivery. Evaluating past performance involves accessing previous experiences in the industry to determine whether history favors them in terms of their performance (Gordon, 2008). Question 7Multi-sourcing a critical item comes in handy in a case of demand surges, which calls for use of multiple sources, which promote flexibility from variety of suppliers. References Gordon, S. (2008). Supplier evaluation and performance management excellence. Boca Raton, Fla: J. Ross.

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