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Question 11The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines two types of energy –veritable and putative. The difference between the two is that (select one correct answer): Veritable energy is useful only for physical health and putative energy is useful only for mental health.Veritable energy is feminine energy, while putative energy is masculine energy

Veritable energy is easily measurable, but putative energy is difficult (or impossible) to measure.Veritable energy is that which is given, while putative energy is that which is received.

QUESTION 12Mediation provides relaxation that can also be obtained from other sources, such as sleep, hypnosis or certain drugs. True False

QUESTION 13 Select one correct answer. According to Dossey the golden rule of Medical Era III is: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” “Do good unto others because they are you!” “See no evil, hear no eveil, speak no evil”5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 14One of the main objectives of meditation is to control the mind. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 15One of the main objectives of meditation is to control the mind. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 16 When one is actively mediating, the relaxation of logic will be attained and maintained for the duration of the meditation. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 17Crying can be a form of meditation. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 18According to Dr. Larry Dossey, Era 1 Medicine is the materialistic, mechanistic and physicalistic era in medicine. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 19Non-local medicine confines and localizes the mind to the brain and body. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 20One safety risk in the practice of Meditation, Guided Imagery and also in the practice of Intuition in Healing is that psychological content (emotions, thoughts, suppressed/repressed memories) may overwhelm the individual practising these modalities. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 21When stress is rousing and challenging but manageable and one perceives and believes there is hope, changes in cortisol concentrations are not expected. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 22What you eat, how you use and exercise your body, how you relax and let go of stress and how you safeguard yourself from hazards around you is from which level of the iceburg model of health and disease?Cultural/Psyhchological/Motivational levelLifestyle/Behavioural level State of healthSpiritual/being/meaning realm5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 23Research into the Placebo Effect, resulted in:MindB ody effects being recognised to have a negligible impact on the body.Mind Body effects being recognised to have positive but not negative effects on the body.Mind Body effects being recognised to have positive and negative effects on the body.Mind Body effects being recognised to have negative but not positive effects on the body.5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 24Rotan and Kammerer cite the following as mental activities:a) perceiving b) believing c) remembering  d) imagining e) willing f) understanding g) creatingIf true, see if you can describe each of these activities, like the example given in the text and other student examples. Transfer your account to your journal that you will commence in Week 3.It is important to understand these basic activities as they are the activities used in MindBody Wellness. True False 5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 25A type of imagery  that is experienced as inner knowing, without effort is called…. For example, images may arise into a person’s consciousness as if daydreaming, falling asleep or just waking up.Choose the one correct answer.End-state Imagery Correct Biologic Imagery Receptive Imagery None of the above5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 26There is modest evidence of the effectiveness of MBWH modalities in the treatment of coronary heart disease, headaches, insomnia, chronic low back pain, symptoms related to the treatment of cancer and the improvement of post-surgical outcomes. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 27 In 1875, Travis opened what is believed to be the first wellness center in the Unites Stated. True False5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 28In eustress there is an elevation of:serum prolactincortisoldopamineworry5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 29The main factor differentiating the conscious state of meditation (as defined by Cardoso et al. 2008) from states such as sleep, hypnosis and use of drugs is:The application of a clearly defined procedure Conscious awareness Physical control None of the above 5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 30Which of the following statements regarding meditation is considered false?Meditation can be defined as self-regulation of attention Meditation is associated with stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.Meditation is associated with increased life expectancy in patients with cancer.Evidence supports the use of meditation in the treatment of anxiety and depression.5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 31According to Cardoso (et al., 2004), meditation consists of five defining parameters. Which of the following is not one of these:Psychophysical relaxation of the muscles Using self focus skill to ‘anchor’ the attention Use of imagery to attain a state of relaxation A relaxing of logic or judgement about the processUsing a clearly defined and specific technique

QUESTION 32The majority of the population have a good understanding of mindfulness. True False

QUESTION 33Positive emotions do not seem to correlate to any significant degree with increased immune system functioning. True False

QUESTION 34Select one correct answer.The earliest sign of illness George Washington received prior to his rapid decrease in health and subsequent death was:an infected cut on his leg.a sore throat.difficulties staying awake.nausea.

QUESTION 35The traditional definition of Mind Body Medicine has its limitations in terms of it being dualistic. True False

QUESTION 36Moving towards higher levels of wellness involves awareness, apathy and growth.  True False

QUESTION 37‘Tissue stores trauma’ is a concept integral to the practice of Intuition in Healing and the trauma stored in the tissue may be completely unconscious to the individual herself. The role of intuition in healing is to facilitate an individual’s being able to locate and feel stored emotional and mental content as this content that may be related to the development or continuation of an illness. True False

QUESTION 38The state of logic relaxation within a meditation practice, once lost cannot be regained. True False

QUESTION 39Which of the following statements is incorrect?Wellness involves taking pleasure in moment to moment experiences.Wellness is a static state.There are many degrees or levels of wellness, just as there are degrees of illness.Emotional states like being bored, depressed, tense and anxious can set the stage for physical disease by lowering the body’s resistance.QUESTION 40Awareness is a major factor in both Eras II and III (Larry Dossey’s Three Eras of Medicine). A difference is that in Era II, awareness is understood to be effective within an individual’s body while in Era III, mind or awareness, is understood to be effective between (or across) individuals, as in the practice of prayer or healing intention True False

QUESTION 41Mindfulness researchers when analysing the impacts of mindfulness programs generally consider to mindfulness will impact creative wellness. True False

QUESTION 42Most of the world has historically viewed the mind and body as separate. True False

QUESTION 43There are many types of mediation. Movement Active techniques use both planned and spontaneous movement to anchor attention. True False

QUESTION 44When meditating, if you understand that your goal is to allow thoughts to come and go as they will, to release all concern about whether thoughts continue to arise, but to simply allow them to go as they came, then you are in a position to enjoy and become proficient in meditation practice. True False

QUESTION 45 Research into the Placebo Effect, resulted in:Mind Body effects being recognised to have a negligible impact on the body.Mind Body effects being recognised to have positive but not negative effects on the body Mind Body effects being recognised to have positive and negative effects on the body.Mind Body effects being recognised to have negative but not positive effects on the body.QUESTION 46Era II or Mind-Body Medicine is fairly recent in origin, dating back about two centuries. True False

QUESTION 47If Mind Body Wellness and Healing are to move forward strongly into the culture, more and more people must be willing to speak honestly about their power – to their friends, family and their health practitioners. True False

QUESTION 48Mind-Body Medicine views illness as:an opportunity for personal growth and transformationa sign of weaknessa form of relaxation none of the above

QUESTION 49 Select one correct answer. According to Travis the way a human being manages energy is like a… closed system. open system. thermodynamic system. none of the above.5 points   Save Answer

QUESTION 50 Psychologists consider the practice of mindfulness to be strange and not worthy of academic research. True False

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