Victim of media craze

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a thesis and an outline on American Family: Victim of Media Craze. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. If you add some feelings to this definition you can say that a family is a unit where a father and a mother, along with their parents live together in a loving environment to nurture, develop and bring up their children with the intention of making a home happy and beautiful place to live in. Am I defining an American family in my dreams? Because looking at the news and articles in media, it seems that family is not a beautiful place but a hell. But no, I am not dreaming, as no matter what media says, the family is a beautiful and loving unit and home is a beautiful place.We are living in a media crazy world. Whatever is shown on the T.V. is considered true even without cross-checking the facts or the authenticity of the report. And not just that, but we also blindly believe the interpretations made by the reporters of a particular event. The thing called ‘family’ has become a victim to the malicious reports and the interpretations being made about it in the media.Anne Kress and Suellyn Winkle, editors of Next Text, in their short introduction in the article, “The Changing Landscape of Family”, have portrayed a horrible scenario of the social changes and have gone to an extent of saying that family does not exist. They have used problems like same-sex marriages, children being brought up in live-in relationships, separation of family members due to migration for job, love or adventure and single parenting, to suggest that families do not exist anymore. But is this a true picture? They have made a comparison to a photograph taken in 1973 of a family showing a happy, content and exciting re-union of a family and they say that this kind of family does not exist. Well, we can only say that this kind of family still does exist. The only difference is that no photographer has taken a good picture enough of today’s American family to win a Pulitzer prize for it!The issues raised by Kress and Winkle are not completely untrue.

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