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Video session/critique

Write a 3 page essay on Video session/critique: Resources/Information Technology.The firm was established in 1975. It has grown slowly and now deploys over 2000 employees with vast local and international experience. The firm has cutting edge infrastructure, facilities and equipment.Response: I ensure that things happen the way they are supposed to. Since I work with people under me, I also ensure that work is done in a timely fashion and in a manner that represents the business well. I organize and control the expenditures and resources of my department.Response: Dar Al Riyadh offers a wide range of integrated professional services from urban planning, urban design, project management, master planning, civil engineering, environmental engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, and infrastructure design on to successful construction supervision and delivery.Response: the company offers both financial and non-financial rewards to the employees. As noted by Brown (54), there is a direct relationship between the contribution of employee levels of motivation on overall organizational culture, performance and rewards.Response: My strengths include I show awareness of the core relationship between transferable skills such as presentation skills, group work and written work skills, I exhibit an understanding of the significance of being a reflective learner, I appreciate of the relationship between employability and lifelong skill development, I show the skills involved in personal development planning, I have also come up with personal goals to attain the next one year, am considerate to others, punctual, meet deadlines, show motivation and also motivate others, optimistic, methodological, good coordinator, open minded, reliable, purposeful, creative, determined, and self-expressive.Career development programs enable employee’s better understand their career path within an organization and as a result be motivated to remain in the organization

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