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Biography or audiobiography about edward bradford titchener He endeavoured to systemize the points of view of his mentor psychologist Wundt Wilhelm through the use of the laboratory for research by method of introspection and concluded that psychology was the study of experience from the point of view of the experiencing individual. In his study, he also found that mental processes have quality, intensity, duration, extensity and clearness and all elements must exist in the consciousness.Titchener greatly contributed by bringing the new psychology of experimental psychology that was in contrast to the previously practiced mental psychology. Through his work and exploration of psychology that was in-depth, careful and systematic, he found the limitations of the structuralist and introspective positions which has helped in the development of psychology free from the structuralist boundaries while at the same time appreciating the introspective perspectives. Titchener attempted to systemize the views of Wundt through the production of laboratory research using only Wundt’s method of introspection. Wundt’s study of the mind was mainly based on systematic and thorough observation, which was later applied by his student Titchener in modern psychological experimentation and theories to theorize on psychology but the difference largely lay on the issue of introspection. To Titchener, psychology denotes the study of experience from the point of view of the experiencing individual and the mental processes are characterized as having quality, intensity, duration, extensity, and clearness. In his work, he provided the most important context theory of meaning, whereby a new mental procedure known as the core attained its implication from the situation of the other mental procedures within which it arises during the experiencing.

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