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Viewpoints of plato and descartes on a soul

Compose a 1250 words assignment on viewpoints of plato and descartes on a soul. Why do the mannerisms and habits of one individual differ from that of another? Do we carry memory from the past? Where is the information stored? The body perishes and mingles with the earth, then how do we recollect things? All religions in the world preach that the soul is immortal and that the body is merely a sheath for the soul. I strongly believe the individual’s soul is the essential part or spiritual self, leading humans to act, feel, inspire and energize the mind with a conscious faculty. This soul is the undying entity every one of us carries from each life to the next. The soul is immortal and never gets destroyed. This Capstone Project will endeavor to discover this truth through the works of two great Philosophers, namely, Plato and Descartes. The existence of the soul defines human characteristics. The Dualism Philosophy believes that the body and the soul are separate entities. At death, the body decomposes and merges with the elements from which it was created but the soul is imperishable. Human beings feel, act, see touch or taste through a driving force. That driving force is the soul. The two philosophers amply explain the immortality of the soul and whether it still possesses power and wisdom after the body dies. Having indulged in deep challenging discourses on philosophy since childhood, helped broaden my horizon and initiated contemplation. Finding a thesis question is necessary to take the plunge. My thesis question has changed several times but I have now zeroed down to the immortality of the soul. The main motivation for embracing such a deep and challenging topic is because it is part of who I am and how I think. The theories of Plato and Descartes particularly appealed to me as it resonated with my own personal philosophy. In the Capstone proposal, I propose to use the theories of these two eminent philosophers to endorse my belief on the immortality of the soul.

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