Views on the United States

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on Views on the United States in this Economic Crisis. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Personal values are honed since birth. Studies continually search key proofs to find out what parts of one’s values are acquired genetically, culturally or environmentally. Either way, these values spell out how people function as a productive citizen of the world. Values such as respect, compassion, magnanimity, generosity and other important concepts that an individual keeps making a life for himself amidst everyday struggle are the guiding blocks of his morale. Growing up in a close knit family where respect for elders is a prime value to follow, I have learned to appreciate the wisdom that elders emulate. Much of growing up, half one’s lifetime is spent trying to figure one’s role and value in the world. And elders like parents, or teachers, or any other people who are more experienced in particular endeavors can impart both knowledge, skills and wisdom that help people like me go through maturity more smoothly. Personal values affect an individual’s decisions. Marriage is a very big decision in life because it is definitely life changing. Other cultures find 20 years old the marrying age, while other traditions find 35 as the perfect marrying age. How one values matrimony will eventually spell when he would decide to embark on it. I value monogamy and so I will make sure that before I get married, I would be ready for marriage physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Personal values are organic. People continue to learn and grow and interact with his surroundings. As an individual explores and relates with other environments such as the place of his work, organizational values are bound to affect his own personal values. Organizational values hold the beliefs and traditions of a group of people working together towards one goal.

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