Vision and change

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

OL 633 8-2 Journal: Vision and ChangeGiven what you read in the required article this week and what you learned from the positions presented by your colleagues in the discussion topic, complete a journal assignment that answers the following questions: (a) For organizational change to be successful, what role should a leader take in vision development? (b) How would you weave proactive and reactive elements into the planning and implementation of an organizational change effort?For additional details, please refer to the Module Eight Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.Learning ObjectivesDebate with peers in order to examine the effective use of proactive and reactive change strategiesCompare and contrast the effective use of leadership vision and team vision in organizational change effortsDemonstrate an understanding of both reactive and proactive change through the defense of either type of changeReading and ResourcesLibrary Article: A Theoretical Framework of Organizational ChangeThis article discusses a framework for organizational change.Library Article: Employee Participation in Organizational Change: Investigating the Effects of Proactive vs. Reactive Implementation of Downsizing in Swedish Hospitals (Optional)This article is about differences in proactive versus reactive approaches to organizational change.

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