Visual analysis survey of Western Art II

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words essay on Visual Analysis Survey of Western Art II. The piece of art, Madonna and child are now part of the collection of the Lowe art museum in the University of Miami. Madonna and child is a painting done on a piece of wood thus commonly referred to as tempera on wood. It is believed to have been done toward the 16th century and is approximately 80×60 centimeters.Madonna and the child had been neglected for a few centuries but once discovered it became very expensive. It suddenly rose to twenty two million pounds as per the national scientific department. Lately it is the property of Lowe in the University of Miami after being given off as a gift. Before the 16th century, Italy comprised of many states which spoke different languages, thus a need to stand out was paramount. The Italians soon led the way by speaking about their culture through works of art like paintings. This is how Lorenzo di Credi and other painters and sculptors like Da Vinci, Donatello, Verrocchio, Filipo Bruschnelli and others got famous. The painting Madonna and child talked about Italy’s love and curiosity of religious issues and how they felt about it. It showed that culturally, Italians are a religious nation.The cultural aspect was seen in the technique that most Italian works of art appeared in. for example, Madonna and child was on tempera of wood while other works by other Italian artists were made of oil on wood and such stuff. This article is going to thoroughly survey the piece of art Madonna and child. This it is going to look into from the paintings composition to its characteristics and comparison to other works of art.The composition of the painting of Madonna and child by Lorenzo was due to Italy’s religious passion. During this era Catholicism was widely spread in Italy and its roots were firmly instilled in the people who used sculptures and paintings to bring Christianity and especially Catholicism to reality. Therefore the theme that led to Madonna and child

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