Visual theories and persuasion

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 750 words essay on the topic This assignment builds on the ideas offered in Visual Theories and Visual Persuasion by asking you to critically evaluate and analyze a piece of visual persuasion or propaganda.Here, the mouse passes of as a symbol for something controversial. The meaning we get from this symbol is highly modified and individual (Seiter 2010).On the contrary, people use many ways to catch and kill the rodent that is the mouse. For example, a traditional mousetrap that is shown in the image that forms the subject matter of this paper has been used since time immemorial to control the population of these rodents. The mousetrap plays a major critical role in the symbolic image. By just looking at the mouse, you then realize that it is actually using the mousetrap as fitness equipment found in the gym, as opposed to being scared for its life is at a great risk.The word propaganda has negative implication fixed into it. while persuasion is the art of persuading someone that your position is right through honest information. Propaganda is assumed to be the art of deceiving gullible public through bogus information. The word has for so long been allied with the thought-control of oppressive governments. In day to day life, people undoubtedly have to deal with propaganda. Without doubt, propaganda is cleverly propagated through advertisement, TV sit-coms and even in books. With the advent of communication, especially mass media, propaganda has inevitably become inseparable from the contemporary mass culture. Sometimes people state that the tendencies of propagating a particular lifestyle makes models appear like snobs, therefore end up having little or no impact on the society. Contrary, propaganda can be used for a positive purpose. For instance, propaganda can be incorporated in anti (drugs and smoking, rights for gender, animal and healthy lifestyle) campaigns. On the contrary, one of the best and most creative ways of spreading ideas is visual propaganda. In my own candid opinion, visual propaganda as a medium of spreading propaganda is the most

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