Volunteerism’s effects on the youth

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 500 words essay on Volunteerism’s effects on the youth and how it builds character. This is because they spend a lot of time engaging in community services thereby having little time to associate with drug addicts or consume alcohol. Consequently, participation in volunteer work reduces chances of young women getting pregnant or engaging in other destructive activities (Latham, 2003). Due to engagement in social work, the involvement of youths in destructive activities significantly reduces and they become of good character in society.Secondly, engagement of youths in volunteer work opens avenues for learning social and moral skills. For example, youths learn to be respectful, kind, helpful, understanding and patient. These skills are instrumental in ensuring development of youths who later become socially and morally upright individuals in the society. Moreover, the skills gained by youths helps in improving their relationship with other people in society and this contributes to betterment of society (Joanna, Melinda & Gina, 2013).Third, youths who participate in volunteer work have high chances of performing well in schoolwork. This is possible since the activities that youths engage in prove challenging and become mind opener. Due to this, they get prepared for the academic work and concentrate in their studies. Moreover, youths in volunteer work have high chances of completing their studies and therefore graduate. They also participate in other social activities such as voting (Joanna, Melinda & Gina, 2013).Fourth, youths who engage in volunteer work gain skills and knowledge beneficial to them as well as to society. For instance, young people who engage in volunteer roles have high chances of possessing strong work ethics when they become adults. Further, youths who engage in community work as volunteers also gain vital job skills as well as experience while also exploring other career options (Latham, 2003). Youths in volunteer work also expand their social circles while enhancing their social

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