Walden Career Center

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Homework Help

Academic Journal Reflect on the Walden Career Center links, as well as the other websites listed in the Week 2 Learning Resources, and write 1 short paragraph for each bulleted prompt:

Explain which Walden Career Center links you find to be particularly valuable.

Describe how and when you might use these resources.

Explain which websites listed in the Learning Resources or other websites you visited to complete your assignments this week you found to be particularly valuable.

Describe any questions you might have or insights you have gained this week related to psychology career options and job search strategies.

Planning for Success:

Based on your reflections, list in the “Career Goals and Employment Resources”section of your Curriculum and Strategy for Success Planner the website information (and URL links) to sources used this week that you plan to utilize again when looking for employment.

More detailed instructions are provided in the template, which is located in the Week 1 Learning Resources.

Do not submit your Curriculum and Strategy for Success Planner at this time; you will submit your Planner in Week 6.By Day 7

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