Ways of knowing and instinctive judgment

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic ways of knowing and instinctive judgment. Meaning comes from the belief that the human being is composed of flesh and soul. The flesh houses the soul that is to be well nurtured and prepared for after-life. According to most religious beliefs, after-life can be spent in either Satan’s hell or God’s paradise. These religious beliefs influence greatly the moral values and day-to-day lives of individuals. Some of these narratives such as the Ten Commandments have led to born ethical systems.If an individual is deeply involved in computer games, after some time they will realize that it will become difficult to distinguish between virtual reality and actual reality. In other circumstances, a dream may be very powerful that when an individual wakes up from it, they feel they are still attached to the dream. In the present world, scientists have advanced reality technologies to facilitate the linking of imaginative engagement with dreams and worlds. Farmers who keep chicken have also applied this technology. They create an illusion of chicken wandering happily in an open field while in reality they are locked in a cage. Many people find more purpose and meaning in their simulation than there real lives. For example, Brian a high school teacher feels more of himself as Frankenstein, a character in a computer game he plays than what he actually feels in his real life.Most of the indigenous tribes give myths about the origin of the universe and creation that shape the daily lives of individuals. Many of these narratives show the connection between man, environment, and animals. These narratives draw their meaning from the connection of their stories that link to cycles of life, natural calamities, and death. The purpose of these narratives is drawn from relating some of these rituals to bring harmony and peace in the environment. This type of knowledge is passed from one generation to another through oral traditions facilitated by village elders and schools. In some way, indigenous knowledge and religious knowledge are similar since they set the society in a way of organizing events according to their beliefs.

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