West Nile Virus Diseases

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Write an essay on West Nile Virus Diseases. It needs to be at least 500 words.A descriptive study would help one gather data more efficiently since it includes collection of data, occurrence of a disease, its characteristics, number of people affected and their signs & symptoms more accurately. Also, a descriptive study helps a scientist collect data more efficiently when they decide to find out the prevalence of disease in a particular group of people.West Nile Virus starts with fever and might lead to neurological symptoms. Neurological involvement may lead to disabilities and permanent damage to the affected individuals. Also, this disease has caused a certain number of deaths in the USA and its different States which makes it rather important for the government to handle.Educating the people of my state would be the first step in order to control the rate of this disease. Education involves letting the people know about the signs and symptoms of the disease. Letting them know when to contact their local health authorities if they suspect a disease. Also, pest control and educating the people about controlling mosquitos in their homes and use mosquito repellants is necessary since mosquitos are the prime vectors of this disease.The control of this disease on the level of a community can be done only by raising awareness in the people about this disease and its causative factors as well as how the transmission can be controlled. Also, screening the blood of donors in endemic zones should be made necessary to control the disease.The disease in the form of an epidemic can be devastating in a community whereas an endemic disease can be harmful to families too. If the disease progresses to its neuroinvasive stage, it can lead to disabilities and cause stress as well as financial troubles in families. Also, death of a certain family member can be devastating too.Apart from CDC, Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Lab services, Office of Infectious

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