What a PE environment means?

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

For this week’s discussion, I’d like you to yet again do some research and report back your findings. In this particular case, I want you to identify and define what a PE environment means, how Live CDs/USBs work, and summarize how you, as a cyber security professional could use this to support defensive efforts (detective or corrective). Further, I’d like you to identify a PE building suite that works for the most recent version of Windows and what the add-on/software installation process looks like, i.e. what tools you would put on such an environment and for what purpose (actual names of tools/plugings/add-ons, not just descriptions of such). There are far less PE building kits for Mac, but if you so desire, feel free to report on this instead of Windows PE builders. As a starting point, look at the documentation on BartPE, one of the oldest PE tools available. Provide two sources too.Another part of  the assignmentWindows PE stands for Windows Preinstallation Environment which is a lightweight operating system environment which can be used to deploy and recover windows installation on a single system or network of systems. Mostly, it is used for recovery operation, copy disk images, or installing a software. PE can be stored on any data storage device and can be installed at any time and it also provide support for Native Files Sharing system via TCP/IP protocols and support NTFS file system.In present times, the Windows recovery environment can be downloaded for free as it is included in WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit). The Windows PE was first was started with Windows XP environment. One of the distinguish feature of Windows PE is to provide a secure environment for its users to install the Windows Operation System. PE has unique graphical tool that sets up an ideal environment for windows installation. The modern OS like MS Windows 10 uses PE Version 10.Write a response of 100 words to this discussion:

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