What are your thoughts?

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

What are your thoughts??Spirituality to me is the relationship we have with God. It is how we carry ourselves every day in our lives and try and make our part in the world a better place. From the interactions we have with someone that may be off track in life, the little things we may do to try and help them. This help can be in the form of advice or wisdom to help enlighten them and help them overcome something. It could also be by just doing a simple act of kindness for some one in need. Spirituality is also knowing that we ourselves have Jesus to look to when we are sick, troubled, or worried about others. Spirituality gives us strength when we need it most.I think this aligns to some of the textbook’s definition of spirituality, especially the way one chooses to express their meaning and purpose and the way they react to a moment that is occurring in their life. Others life, in nature and to the sacred. It also aligns with how spirituality governs one’s resiliency. Spirituality gives us a sense of hope when we are faced with a difficult decision (Evans, 2020). Everyone must possess some form of spirituality, without it would be impossible to get through life.Reference:

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