What do you think you can contribute to this program

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

You will prepare and submit a term paper on What do you think you can contribute to this program and to university life in the United States. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. My Contribution to Life in the United s There is an American country song that says “It’s not what you take when you leave the world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go”. In many ways this also holds true for a university education. The opportunity to study in a foreign country brings an added dimension to this attitude. While, studying in the United States will give me many academic and personal rewards, I also want to return the same rewards to the American citizens that I am fortunate enough to interact with. My home country of Montenegro has a rich tradition of history and culture. I hope to personally share my experiences, my culture, and a glimpse of my country’s people with the student body, the university, and the gracious hosts of the local community.I look forward to being able to share my cultural viewpoints and attitudes in regards to my area of study. My experience as a student in Montenegro can stimulate discussions about the values that our respective societies place on technology. I could offer a different viewpoint in regards to global opportunities and challenges in the field of electrical engineering. My personal experiences will contribute to the awareness of other students as I share my country’s folk music or reveal our country’s centuries old love of art. I could change people’s perception of Montenegro from simply a country in the Balkans to a country with a turbulent history and an interesting people. My contribution to university life in the United States would also extend outside the classroom activities. I am an avid soccer player and believe that sports gives us an opportunity to share the common ground of excellence. Race, ethnicity, and language are cast aside as athletes strive to do their best. This is also true in music, which is another one of my favorite pastimes. I am especially interested in Montenegro folk music, which I play on guitar. Music is able to communicate emotions and attitudes even when the listener does not understand the lyrics. I hope to share the soul of my country with other students through the art of music.My contribution would not end at the university’s border, but would also include the community around it. I believe that volunteer work is one of the highest forms of generosity that a person can show. Working with other like minded volunteers can exemplify the belief that we are all one people with common ground. Giving one’s time to those less fortunate, whether they are elderly or disabled, is another form of communication that says we may be diversely different, but we are also very much alike. I hope this contribution to the community can make some small difference in people’s attitudes towards the diverse people of the world.I plan to leave a substantial portion of myself behind as I complete my university education in the United States. I hope my classmates benefit from my unique set of values and attitudes towards my chosen profession. I hope the student body can gain an increased sense of awareness and love for the people of Montenegro. Sports and music can help unite our cultures and build a foundation for communication. Giving of one’s time is a universal symbol that resonates around the world and through volunteer work I hope to make some small improvement in the quality of life for those in the community that are less fortunate than me. My contribution to university life would be of value to the student body, the university, and the community where I will be a guest.

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