What employee “motivation” means

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Please write a 2,300-words (besides reference page and cover page) paper explaining in detail what employee “motivation” means. Describe the different influences on motivation, what causes it and the impact on a workplace including relationships with other employees and on the responsibilities and accountabilities of an employee. Describe several theories of motivation. Describe how employee motivation can be increased and by whom and how. Describe your own workplace motivation and how it has been affected by the situation you have been in. Describe any relevant real-life experiences.Provide a coverage page. Double space using 12-point Times New Roman font. Please ensure that all your research is supported with proper citations in APA style. Include a bibliography at the end.Start with a summary of no more than 300 words that captures what your paper is about and what conclusions you have come to. IMPORTANT: You must have at least a 500-word concluding analysis showing what you have learned from your research and any recommendations you would have.Content needs to structured with excellent¬†academic English with accurate grammar. Also, the paper needs to be strictly plagiarism free¬†and please provide a plagiarism report.

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