What is Wastewater

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Review how wastewater is treated (the water that you send down the drain):Source: USGS (n.d.) What is Wastewater, and Why Treat it? Retrieved fromhttp://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/wuww.htmlIn your posts this unit answer the following questions:Define wastewater and provide an example of where wastewater originates in your community?Some common measures of water quality are temperature, turbidity, bacteria, pH and toxic substances. Choose a measure of water quality and provide an explanation of how this quality is measured for in water and what the allowable limits are in the water supply.Review your local community, town, city, or state government’s website for information and policies on water conservation and wastewater treatment. You can also use the EPA site to learn about your local water.https://watersgeo.epa.gov/mywaterway/Post at least one interesting fact that you learned in your research. Be sure to provide the resource for the information with your post.Lastly, describe the treatment process used to clean wastewater in order for it to be allowed back into the water cycle or reused. What is one way to now reuse non-potable wastewater?The sciences: An integrated approach.Running head: TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER Treatment of wastewaterStudent nameCourse nameAug 17, 2017 1 TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER 2 Treatment of wastewaterWastewaterWastewater is utilized water. It…

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