What motivates you in life?

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Homework Help

What motivates you in life? Explain.  What motivates you at work? Explain. Is this the same motivations you have in life? Explain.   How do you motivate your peers in the class or in the work place? Or are you the peer that needs external motivation from others? Explain.  Do you agree or disagree with Dan Pink that traditional rewards are not always motivators? Explain.  If you could be rewarded in anyway as an employee – or if you could reward your employees in anyway – what reward do you feel would be the best motivator? Explain.Per the chapter-8 in the attached textbook and per the Daniel Pink motivational video the above questions has to be answered. Answers shouldn’t be copy pasted from any source and if any source is used for information purpose APA format and citations should follow.

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