Who am I?

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Who am I.Also external influences that might have an impact on test results will be elaborated. Finally, correlation between test results and real life experiences will be discussed.The interest profiler score of my test proved that I am a social person at heart. The main interest areas indentified was social followed by investigative and enterprising. I scored 29 on ‘social’, 22 on ‘investigative’, and a mere 05 on ‘artistic’ proving that I am more interested in people oriented roles and in investigative roles. Another important interest identified was that of ‘enterprising’ where I scored 15. The work locator test showed that the most important work related values for me are achievement and relationships. I scored 27 on both achievement and relationships.Holland describes a few vocational personality types namely realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional (Careerkey.org, 2012). I believe that I have a social personality types because I am good with handling people related issues. Also I personally handle relationships well. Holland argues that social personality is good with people and enjoys helping others. People who have the social personality type are particularly good at professions like counseling and nursing because they have this innate habit of helping others (Careerkey.org, 2012).The work values identified in the work locator test were achievement and relationships. I prefer to be working a job where the work I do is considered important and is recognized my relevant people. This is much more important to me than work benefits, pay or any other thing. Another work value that I have is putting relationships before anything else. I value relationships in work because I believe this is the most important thing to do. Working effectively means to that one has to value relationship with other employees and customers. This is

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