Why abortion is immoral

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic why abortion is immoral. Marquis’s objective in his essay “An Argument that Abortion Is Wrong” is to show that the ending of a pregnancy before birth is a crucial breach of ethics. The author supports the prohibition of abortion since it counters certain aspects of life ethically. He trusts that a fetus is an existing being and has the right to live. In the thesis, the writer says that the right to life overrides that of self-body control. thus abortion is wrong. The article also shows that human beings try to exclude fetuses as living beings, but Don Marquis criticizes that point by describing a fetus as being living within another organism. The author also attacks pro-choice’s belief that only people have the privilege to live by pointing out that there is no means to confirm that a fetus is not a person. However, he agrees that in particular circumstances abortion is valid. According to Don Marquis, abortion is morally legal in cases such as when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, it is fourteen days and below after conception or rape. Generally, the author’s persuasive argument lies in the fact that the act of abortion is wrong since it involves killing a human being just like any other.Based on traditional, ethical and religious laws in conjunction with the law of nature, every living being has a right to life. For that reason, I believe that an abortion is a wrong thing to do, especially to an innocent person. I agree with Don Marquis’s notion that abortion is an immoral act unless the circumstances revolving around the pregnancy counter other moral aspects.Ethical theories dictate that people have a social responsibility to look after incapacitated human beings. An incapacitated person refers to an individual who lacks the ability to live normally or do ordinary things since they lack certain cognitive aspects.

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