Why Art Programs are Essential

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Homework Help

Need an argumentative essay on Why Art Programs are Essential in a Secondary School Cirriculum. Needs to be 3 pages. The fact that they apply logical models to their thinking basis and this facilitates in decision making and when they have to analyze things looking at it from a different perspective so to speak. Not only are the scientific subjects taken in the same esteem with the field of arts, but also the latter gains importance where the discussion is of understanding human values,emotions and sentiments. This means that there is a complete basis for understanding the individual’s very essence and how he interacts with people hailing from his own society, culture and traditions.

The emotions are easily transmittable through the expression of art. This could be so very true in the wake of the different pictures which are sketched by artists and not to forget the photography done by film makers and directors alike. They also bring out a particular shade of life which has been kept non-apparent over a period of time from the people who own it. Art has no parallels when it comes to understanding human emotions, values and belief systems. (Meier, 1942) This suggests that the human basis gains more and more importance as arts attaches itself with them. One cannot fathom at any point in time that science and the related subjects gain an edge or two over the field of arts. The two remain in close connection with each other no matter what the critics and hardliners suggest every now and then. There should be efforts to mix the science classes with that of the art ones so that there is close coordination between the two and the end result is that the students gain from the usage of their minds in both the fields.

Music is one of the most significant tenets that comes under the field of arts and which has been used with the passage of time in different cultures and societal backdrops. The people who listen to music can align their studies and work in close alliance with each other. Students can gain an advantage when it comes to comprehending mathematics and similar subjects.

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