Why do we restrict imports?

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

The answers can be found in the readings, and the links in the attached files. I want you to take your time and utilize the resources available to you for this these questions. Answer in complete sentences unless a question directs you to give a one or two-word answer. Complete the questions and upload your document. Why do we restrict imports?What are 5 ways we restrict imports?What are the objectives of the WTO?What are the two ways import tariffs are levied?What was the average tariff rate (in 2009) of the US? China? Brazil?The current administration argues we should have higher tariffs in the US to protect our own industries. What is an argument for and an argument against this idea? What is the difference between a Free Trade Area and a Customs Union? Which does NAFTA fall under?What are the two systems the US uses to classifies products?What is Chapter 9 in the HTS?Name 3 countries that qualify for special treatment under the generalized system of preferences (code A) – hint: found in the General Notes.What is the HTS for tennis shoes valued at $10/pair?What would the tariff be for 100 pairs coming from?ChinaJordanCubaWhat are 6 agencies that regulate exports?Where are trade regulations published?Which regulations are governed and published by the Department of Commerce?What does ITAR do?There are 14 “reasons for control” under the BIS regulations. What do the following reasons stand forCCMTRSWhat does the ECCN stand for?What is the ECCN for Fiber Optic Cables?What are the Reasons for Control? Do they apply to shipments to Germany? Jordon? ( You will need the country chart for this part)What are the license exceptions?What is the IC/DV procedure and when is it used?What supporting documents may be required for an export license application?Which countries issue an import certificate as a supporting document when required by the BIS?According to 15 CFR 748.9 – under “content of support documents” – what are the 2 requirements?

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