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Why shoukd we use apple phones?

TOPIC : WHY SHOULD WE USE APPLE PHONES THEN ANY OTHER Identify a live speech you are able to attend with a scheduled speaker presenting from 15-60 minutes in duration.  List the following:Date:Time:Location:Speaker Name:In an effort to practice your listening skills, write a reflection paper analyzing the following:I.    The Speech ObjectivesII.   The Audience and Context for the SpeechIII.  Speech Content and Structure              A.  Before the speech       B.  The speech opening       C.  The speech body       D.  The speech conclusionIV.  Delivery skills and techniques       A.  Enthusiasm and connection to the audience       B.  Visual aids       C.  Use of stage area       D.  Physical – gestures and eye contact       E.  Vocal variety       F.  LanguageV.   Intangibles       A.  How did the speech make you feel?       B.  Were you convinced?       C.  Would you want to listen to this speaker again?       D.  Were there any original ideas or techniques you observed?Method of Evaluation:I.     OrganizationII.    Grammar, spelling and typographical errorsIII.   ThoroughnessIV.   Demonstration of effective critical thinking, observation, analysis and application of course materials throughoutV.    References:  Minimum of two scholarly references used (in addition to text); APA formatted reference page and in text citations used as needed.

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