Why should we stop worrying and learn to love

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 2 page essay on the topic Why should we stop worrying and learn to love WK3 assignment. This devise help to monitor the vital strokes of the website. Most developed world has surveillance gadgets watching all principal streets and putting the streets under close watch. The panoptic gaze watches the public and the specialists watch every move made by the public from the comfort zone of television monitors (Mattelart, 2010).

Many people view this technology revolution with horror. A monumental debate erupts on the topic public surveillance (Boris, 2013). This debate has led to the questioning of the ethical issues. It is evident that the government has surveillance cameras installed in every corner of the major cities. Many people have joined this discussion, and they insist that governments and leading corporations have access to the surveillance of the public. The public insist that the surveillance infringe on their private lives (Winston and Edelbach, 2013). Some people feel that the government and the surveillance corporations have no right to monitor their movements. They claim that they feel that it is unethical to monitor the public’s movements. Development of face recognition software has made the some people opposing the surveillance program detest the services. They feel that the surveillance monitors their conversation making it impossible to run away from the surveillance cameras and satellites (Mattelart, 2010).

In his book, In Praise, society, ethics and Technology, Taylor argues that indeed the government should encourage the use of surveillance technology to monitor the movements and operations of people. Taylor affirms that the government ought to put all the citizens under surveillance. Offices, shops, and classrooms should have surveillance cameras. Taylor opposes the Orwellian nightmare (Mattelart, 2010). Orwellian nightmare is a situation, societal condition and an idea that Orwellian created that surveillance was destructive to the public’s open and free welfare. George Orwell claimed that

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