Why we crave horror movies

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Prepare and submit a paper on why we crave horror movies, by stephen king. It is a long held belief that only abnormal people can get joy and happiness by watching horror movies. People try to display this belief by reacting with horror at whatever gory happens in the horror movies. Hence, King is right when he argues that horror movies are conservative and reactionary as the horror movies show only those things that are acceptable to human limits of goriness and by doing that, prevents the social approach towards horror from changing. Movies as conservative and reactionary King says that horror movies are conservative as they help people to confirm to themselves and to the world that they are ‘normal’ people as they fear and loath things that horror movies show. According to him, horror movies limit their goriness and ugliness by showing only those things which can be digested by human mind. In doing so, horror movies conform to the social expectations and hence, they remain conservative. King also says that horror movies are reactionary as they help people to avoid social change. By that he means that people avoid the social change by refusing to accept their attraction towards the antisocial and gory aspects of their mind. The fact remains that despite of knowing that horror movies are about gory violence, evil spirits, sinister vengeance etc., people still choose to watch the movie. If they had really felt repulsive towards the ugly, gory, violent and disgusting things in life, they would have chosen not to watch the horror movies, which are full of these things. However, horror movies provide only that which can be accepted by the society. Hence, King says that horror movies are reactionary as they oppose social change and reinforces the attitude of ‘normality’ in people. Role of horror movies People find an outlet to their suppressed emotions and antisocial emotions through the horror movie. Their desire to kill, beat, tear apart or bite the hated person is fulfilled through the gory scenes in the horror movies. Horror movies also work as a representation of human desire to know the deeper aspects of human psyche and the universe. Horror movies serve as a path to the dark side of human mind. People who make horror movies are not machines. They are human beings and part of human society. It is obvious that whatever is shown in the horror movies are the things that they have imagined and thought about. The fact is that the gory, sinister and evil things interest and appeal to the human mind. However, in their waking state and to remain ‘normal’, people push these things to the unconscious. For example, the ideas of ghosts, vengeance after death, exorcism, possession by evil spirit etc., have always appealed to human minds. Sadly, they do not approve these things. They say that these are all imaginations and myths. However, innately they are still curious about it and feel that these can be true. Their fear of darkness, fear of closed rooms, fear of heights etc., show that human beings do believe in the existence of ghosts and paranormal. However, their rational mind demands proof and scientific approach. Hence, they do not express their curiosity about the paranormal openly. However, their thirst to know the unknown and their excitement is fulfilled through the horror movies. Horror movies serve the craving to know what happens if there are ghosts or devils or evil spirits. They serve the antisocial aspects of the society and hence, also give an outlet to the abnormal and antisocial emotions suppressed inside the unconscious. By doing so horror movies serve the society as it saves people from exploding their emotions in the society.

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