William Blake’s

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William Blake’s The Tyger. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Typically focused on aspects of the human spirit as it comes in contact with authority figures, whether they be government or religious, as well as the joyful celebration of his idea of Christianity and humanity, these poems provided many with inspiration and hope in times that seemed overly chaotic. This was because revolutions of various types were occurring on virtually every front and power structures were struggling to hold onto whatever controls they could.&nbsp. Blake’s inclusion of illustrations in developing his poetry helped to convey the new direction artistic works were taking going into the Romantic period.&nbsp. The poems focus more on Blake’s individual way of seeing the world and on the emotions these investigations brought out.&nbsp. This attention to the emotions of his readers is unique to Blake at this time and helps to usher in the movement that placed a great deal of emphasis on the emotional feeling as well as a more open way of viewing the world around them.&nbsp.Political freedom seemed to be taking the world by storm as first the American colonies and then the French declared freedom and independence from the shackles of the monarchy.&nbsp. Religious ideologies were changing and breaking away even further from the strict dictates of the Roman Catholic Church and even the Church of England.&nbsp. Artists, writers, poets, and musicians were all exploring a new world in which individual expression was taking on a new significance. &nbsp.William Blake was there to help show them the way, not only in the words he delivered but in the way in which he illustrated them that could entice the interest of a child even as the poetry addressed subjects and meanings only an adult would understand in poems such as “The Tyger.”The language in this poem is kept deliberately simple and straightforward.&nbsp. Blake eliminating the use of metaphors, similes and other such conventions in favor of a forthright approach of rhetorical questioning that requires few to no real-world experiences in order to find meaning or enjoyment in the words.

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