Women on Liberty and Communist Manifesto

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Subjection of Women, On Liberty, and Communist Manifesto. Mill has been a known advocate of women’s emancipation in his time. And in “Subjection of Women,” he has laid all the arguments and his eloquence as to how society is imposing inequalities upon women. Women’s suffrage was raised. the marriage law in his time, as well as other legislations concerning the debasement of women, were also assailed.The connections between the essays “On Liberty” and “The Subjection of Women” may be credited to John Stuart Mill’s wife, Harriet Taylor. The latter piece was, as claimed by Mill, co-written by her and the former, “On Liberty,” was written after her death.Firstly, Mill’s advocacy of utilitarianism was clearly manifested in these two essays. His defense of liberty and women were all based on his belief it will be for the greater good, for the enrichment of society and individual development. In his essays, whether it is freedom from tyranny discussed in “On Liberty” or freedom from the societal restriction on women, found in “The Subjection of Women,” they will bring about positive consequences on society rather than they are some form of natural rights. Mill firmly believed that the moral and intellectual advancement of humankind would result in greater happiness for everybody. He cited how the advancement of the intellect will yield greater pleasure than those yielded by the senses. It is in this light when he demanded suffrage for women. In his view, to vote is to stand independently, morally, and intellectually that is why he argued with such passion that a woman is equal to a man.“I deny that anyone knows or can know, the nature of the two sexes, as long as they have only been seen in their present relation to one&nbsp.another. Until conditions of equality exist, no one can possibly assess the natural differences between women and men, distorted as they have been What is natural to the two sexes can only be found out by allowing both to develop and use their faculties freely.

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