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Write 2 page essay on the topic National Womens Law Center Website Review.ile reviewing the site and particularly the athletics section I found information on what a healthy school would look like for girls, the rally for Girls’ sports day and information on how to set up sports club funds. These three topics and how I found the information will be shared below in order to help anyone who may require information about Title IX or athletics information.To find the athletics information I have reviewed anyone can visit the National Women’s Law Center website by using Google or their web address: www.nwlc.org. The site is easy to navigate to any section whether it is about child care, education, employment, or any other information the National Women’s Law Center provides. Under Education and Title IX topics such as affirmative action, athletics, career and technical education, pregnant and parenting students, school reform, sexual harassment and single sex education can be located. Arriving at the site all you have to do is click on our issues, education and Title IX, and then athletics. Concentrating on the athletics section I found information detailing how the law protects women and girls in addition to such things as fact sheets.The fact sheet about healthy schools addresses the needs of a school and how to provide a “successful, safe, and healthy” environment for all students including girls (National Womens Law Center, 2011). The article creates a list of factors that should be considered like girls at risk, foster girls’ athletics, protecting girls from harassment and bullying, and ensuring transparency with parents and community members (National Womens Law Center, 2011). This information is helpful to anyone who wants to enroll their child in an athletics program or experiences trouble in school.In school sometimes girls can feel that athletics departments concentrate more on boys by providing sports boys enjoy more than girls. A recent blog was started to rally for Girls’ sports day, where more emphasis can be

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