Word-of-mouth communication

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Most of the clientele at Second Avenue have learned about the store through word-of-mouth communication. This small retailer of quality second-hand children’s clothing thrives on the sale of a vast inventory of children’s clothing placed there on consignment. “Because small children grow so quickly,” Second Avenue’s owner commented, “they often outgrow many of their clothes before they’ve hardly been worn!” Second Avenue provides a way for people to sell their children’s clothing, earn a few dollars, and buy the next larger size. “We’re extremely picky about the condition of the clothing we stock,” the owner stated, “but we sell most items at a 60 percent discount.”34. Second Avenue wants to create a postcard to be sent to local families with young children. The postcard will include information about the store’s typical inventory, store hours, and directions. Which of the following format elements can make the biggest difference in the success or failure of the direct mailing?A) copyB) headlineC) illustration D) fontE) color35. The owner of Second Avenue wants to establish a community clothing drive to collect clothes for a local children’s shelter. The owner will set up collection barrels outside Second Avenue. Which of the following public relations tools is the owner using?A) press relationsB) product publicityC) lobbyingD) developmentE) public affairs22. Apex detergent is relatively undifferentiated from two other detergent brands: Acme and Brighton detergent; therefore, Apex may require ________.A) a different target marketB) a new packageC) heavy advertising to set it apart from othersD) a higher priceE) none of the above

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